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Pastoral Transition Updates

We're searching for
Church at The Cross'
next lead pastor.

Here's where you can find the latest developments, timeline, questions as we search for the next candidate.
Meet Our Current Staff Team
Latest Update

Here's the latest from our search committee.

What's the timeline?
Continue on this page for a step-by-step of our search. We'll post periodic updates as we have news.
I have a question...
Awesome! Check out the FAQs section below, or contact us at the link.

Meet Our Team

About Dan Kaufman

Dan has been a member of CATC since 1988. Dan attends the Webster Life Group, and he serves as a Deacon, and on the school committee.
Dan Kaufman
Deacon Team Member

About Keith Stiff

Keith's been a member of CATC for 13 years. He currently serves as an online host and as a Deacon.
Keith Stiff
Deacon Team Member

About Diego Calderon

Diego been a member of CATC since 2013. He attends the Spanish Life Group and serves as a Deacon, and in the Spanish community.
Diego Calderon
Deacon Team Member

About Dan Jones

Dan has been a member of CATC since 1988, he currently attends the Dan Webster Life Group. He serves as the Chairman of the Deacons.
Dan Jones
Deacon Team Member

About Brent Webster

Brent has been a member of CATC since 1985. He currently leads the family life group. He serves in children's ministry and teaches Life Group.
Brent Webster
Elected Team Member

About Dwainn Arnett

Dwainn has been a member of CATC since 1970. He leads and serves in an Adult Life Group.
Dwainn Arnett
Elected Team Member

About Tammy Howard

Tammy has been a member of CATC for 24 years now. She is currently serving in all 3 services in the guest services team, as an Invitation Counselor, and with the food pantry.
Tammy Howard
Elected Team Member

About Dawn Floyd

Dawn has been a member of CATC for 27 years and has brought up her three children in this ministry.  She lead a Life Group in our Student Ministry for the past 8 years.  She also serves as an Invitation Counselor.
Dawn Floyd
Elected Team Member

About Ida Thomas

Ida has been a member of CATC for 18 years and attends the worship life group. She serves in the Church Choir,  Legacy Adults, Food pantry, Merch shop, Missions, and Finance Committee.
Ida Thomas
Elected Team Member

What we expect to do,
and how we'll do it.


Establish transition team.

Manage day to day operations of the church and ensure we are continuing to do whatever it takes to bring the hope of Jesus to all.

Establish Search Committee.

The Search Committee will be made up of 4 deacons and 5 church members elected by the church body. This committee will be charged with finding and recommending the next lead pastor of Church At The Cross. We'll hold a Family Meeting July 10 to take nominations for the Pastoral Search Committee.


Establish an Interim Preaching Pastor.

The Interim Preaching Pastor will be selected by the Pastoral Search Committee to serve as the primary communicator until a permanent Lead Pastor is approved by the church body.


Review resumes and referred candidates

Our team will prayerfully review the resumes and referrals we have recieved.


Review resumes and check references

Our team will reach out to references to get a deeper understanding of our candidates' backgrounds.


Present Lead Pastor candidate.

The search committee will present the Lead Pastor candidate to the church congregation, and the church votes to approve candidate.

Download the Prayer Guide

Questions you might be asking...

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Reach out and contact the search team!

Who can I contact about the application process?

It’s simple! Reach out to pastorsearchcommittee@catcorlando.com for questions about the application process.

Where can I get updates about this?

We'll be posting periodic updates about the process right here on this page. Of course, we will keep our church body in the loop directly in the service as well as we have updates.

How can I pray for this?

We're glad you asked! Download our prayer guide for some simple points that you can use to pray for the next pastor candidate and our church. Thanks for partnering with us in this way!

What are the expectations of the search committee?

There is nothing more important to the life and vitality of a church than the man who will be called to serve as our future Lead Pastor. A wise choice yields bounty and blessings for our church family at CATC. A poor choice can fracture the fellowship of our church family, sometimes beyond repair. The function of the Pastor Search Committee is a most serious and sacred responsibility.

Who Should Serve on the Pastor Search Committee?

  • The individuals who comprise the Pastor Search Committee should be people of the highest integrity and competence. Individuals who have given evidence of their commitment to our church and who have exhibited the highest expressions of sound judgment. They should be people who our church family trusts.
  • They should be articulate individuals, able to communicate. Their contribution to the process is not only their ability to listen effectively and make sound judgments but also to communicate the interests and priorities of our church to the candidate for Lead Pastor.
  • They should be involved individuals in the know. They should be people who know the pulse of our church and can accurately reflect the interests of our church as a whole.

Candidates for the Pastor Search Committee are Characterized by:

  • Continuing spiritual growth
  • Spiritual discernment
  • Knowing Bible truths and practicing them
  • Faithful attendance and support of the church/tithe (10%)
  • Skilled as a team player
  • Willingness to maintain confidentiality
  • Freedom to attend all meetings and occasionally travel
  • Priority commitment to seeking and doing God’s will
  • Absence of a self-serving agenda
  • A member in good standing at CATC

Duties of the Pastor Search Committee: 

  • Serve until our church approves a new Lead Pastor. 
  • Gather and evaluate prospective Lead Pastor resumes.
  • Telephone interviews with references listed on resumes.
  • Telephone/Zoom interviews with prospective pastors.
  • Listen to the preaching of pastors under consideration (video/on-site).
  • Secure pulpit supplies and an Interim Pastor to serve during the time our church is without a Lead Pastor.
  • Prayerfully and confidentially conduct the search for God’s choice of our future Lead Pastor in a progressive, orderly, and timely manner with periodic reports to our CATC family.
  • Prepare the candidate and the church to choose our future Lead Pastor in accordance with the policies of the church.
  • In conjunction with the Personnel Committee, the Executive Pastor, and the Executive Administrator, the Search Committee will establish a compensation package agreeable to the prospective Lead Pastor candidate and these committees.
  • Recommend the Lead Pastor candidate to our church in “view of a call.”
  • Upon calling the Lead Pastor, support the ministry of our church and lead our church family to follow our new Lead Pastor’s leadership.

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