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Adult Bible Study

Lead by Dexter Johnson & Matt Gillis
A class led by Dexter Johnson & Matt Gillis, Wednesday, 6:30 PM in C134/136.


Lead by Mary Alayon
This group meets in B116 on Sundays/9:30AM.


Lead by Dwainn Arnett
This group meets in B105 on Sundays/11:00AM.


Lead by Osmar Millard
This group meets in C127/128 on Fridays/7:30PM

Bridges: Christians Connecting with Muslims (Missions)

Lead by Jeff Armstrong & Willy Sison
A class led by Jeff Armstrong & Willy Sison, Wednesday, 6:30 PM in C114.

Called to Pray

Lead by Cindy Call
This group meets in C126 on Sundays/11:00AM.


Lead by Mike Champion
This group meets in C132-A on Sundays/11:00AM.


Lead by Esten Colley
This group meets in B106 on Sundays/11:00AM.


Lead by Sonda Connolly & Carolyn Swindell
This group meets in C107 on Sundays/11:00AM.


Lead by Eric Schellenberger
This group meets in B117 on Sundays/11:00AM.


Lead by Benito Disla
This group meets in C111 on Sundays/9:30AM.

Ephesians 2: Verse-by-Verse

Lead by Laticia Cordell
Wednesday, 6:30 PM in C111.


Lead by Ludmila Ferraz
This group meets in C131-B on Sundays/9:30AM.


Lead by Arnel Uriarte
This group meets in C133/135 on Sundays/11:00AM.


Lead by Maquindes Mehu & David Durocher
This group meets in C132-B on Sundays/9:30AM.


Lead by Jerry Howell
This group meets in B119 on Sundays/9:30AM.

Ladies Prayer

Lead by Cozetta Allen
Wednesday, 6:30 PM in C131-B.


Lead by Guy Maness and Bob Farmer
This group meets in B119 on Sundays/11:00AM.


Lead by Rick Martin & Dexter Johnson
This group meets in B107 on Sundays/11:00AM.

Men's Group: No More Excuses

Lead by Rick Weaver
Wednesday, 6:30 PM in C124.


Lead by Marcea Oetting
This group meets in C131-A on Sundays/11:00AM.

Precepts: 2 Corinthians

Lead by Gail Champion
Tuesday, 9:30AM - Noon in A220/223.

Shelter of God's Promises

Lead by Jen Farmer
Wednesday, 10:00AM - Noon in A220/223.


Lead by Mike Vidal
This group meets in C134/136 on Sundays/11:00AM.


Lead by Ha Hoang Tran
This group meets in C124 on Sundays/9:30AM.


Lead by Janet Watson
This group meets in C125 on Sundays/9:30AM.

Webster Family Class

Lead by Dan Webster
This group meets in C127/128 on Sundays/11:00AM.


Lead by Brent Webster & Russell Laviolette
This group meets in A204 on Sundays/11:00AM.


Lead by Larry Wesner
This group meets in C114 on Sundays/11:00AM.

Worship Team

Lead by John K. Brown & Joe Lindamood
This group meets in the Chapel on Sundays/8:00AM.

Young Adults w/o Kids

Lead by Rhonda Johnson
This group meets in B118 on Sundays/9:30AM.

Young Adults w/o Kids

Lead by Joe & Kristy Lindamood/Aaron & Jessyka Howard
This group meets in C133/135 on Thursdays/6:30PM.

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