Medical Clinic

Services offered: Room B114-115 (directly off sanctuary).

  • Free medical care offered after the last service till 3p on MOST Sundays.
  • Primary and urgent care services offered
  • Prescriptions geared toward free or low cost.
  • Labs and radiology ordered ONLY as necessary. List of low-cost labs & radiology services available.
  • Lists of free dental & other free clinics available

Social Services Clinic

Social Services – Sundays
Services offered: Room B116 (directly off sanctuary).

  • Employment assistance (resume building, job search, job application)
  • Tutoring (reading, Writing, and Math) available to high school students and adults in college)

For more info Email Advocate:

Education Clinic – English as a second language (ESOL)


Rose Seraphin
Sheilah Champion

Classes Schedule:

Sunday Evening  – 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Thursday Evening – 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Legal Clinic

Services provided for educational purposes only NOT legal advice

  • Prayer for you and your loved ones
  • Free one on one Consultation – by phone or in person
  • Referrals to Low cost/Pro bono attorneys
  • Referrals to local organizations for additional assistant beyond the legal clinic
  • Know your rights Pamphlet
  • Preparation and Protection Pamphlet
  • Information on Emergency Planning
  • Websites –current news and updates on Immigration laws

For more info Email Advocate: Janet Watson – 321-946-2898