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Daniel Verse-by-Verse

Wednesday / weekly


Location: C111

Event Description

Starts January 10, 2024 then every Wednesday
Time: to

Verse-by-Verse: The Book of Daniel: The Book of Daniel is a journey of courage, prophecy, and the struggle against the forces that shape the course of nations. One man stood against the tide, captive in the city of Babylon with its towering walls, opulent palaces and pagan temples. When the winds of change sweep through the kingdom, will Daniel's unwavering faith be enough to withstand the storm? A montage of epic battles, political intrigue, and spiritual revelations flashes by, leaving only one conclusion...the Most High rules in the kingdom of men. Join us with your Bible (or App) and journal as we study the Book of Daniel, verse-by-verse. Led by Laticia Cordell in C111. Cost: none.

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